First Week

The first week with the Sugar Labs was quite an intersting one.The week was all about how things are already working in the community and how are we supposed to work.

The community has a very organized and efficient way of working(mailing lists,support groups etc).All the members are quite supportive and help out at each and every step.

This summer I would be working on the Web Confusion Activity.It is an Activity for the sugar which aims at teaching users the web developmental skills of HTML,CSS and JavaScript.I along with Vibhor Sehgal and Sanchit would be working on this project with Tony Anderson as the mentor.We have already started on the project.

Progress So far:

  • Vibhor Developed a basic python activity which uses Webkit to display different web pages.
  • I designed the basic Interface of the activity and integrated it with the Vibhor’s python Activity.The current Activity looks somewhat like this:


Screenshot from 2015-05-29 19:54:23

Screenshot from 2015-05-29 12:54:11


  • The Activity is now on github as well .

Goal for the coming week:

  • Improvising the splash screen(Displayed at the Initialization of the activity).
  • Working on the implementation of the challenges.
  • Studying existing codes of other activities

That should pretty much sum everything up.I hope to have an awesome sugary experience.



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